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cat_slug – Show all posts with this category slug
cat – Show all posts with a particular category ID
tag_slug – Show all posts with a specific tag (more than one can be entered – comma separated, i.e. tag_slug=’html,css’ (note: no spaces)
order_by – Order the posts by ‘date’ or ‘title’
post_id – Show one post
author – Show posts by author (supply author id)
num – Limit the number of posts to show
hide_images (true/false) – If images are a problem they can be hidden using: hide_images=’true’
Added in V1.5 (Pagination if number of posts is specified e.g. num=’x’)
read_more – Replace default read more text (i.e. read_more=’Show me more…’)
prev_text – Replace default Previous entry link text when specifying number of posts (i.e. prev_text=’Newer’)
next_text – Replace default Next entry link text when specifying number of posts (i.e. next_text=’Older’)
show_full_posts(true/false) – Show full post rather than excerpt (i.e. show_full_posts=’true’)
Added in v1.6
use_pr_excerpt – set to ‘true’ to show the WP generated excerpt or the excerpt if defined for the post
strip_html : set to ‘true’ attempts to strip all HTML content (if not using use_pr_excerpt option)
hide_post_content : set to ‘true’ to only show the post titles
show_meta : set to ‘true’ to show post date and author name
hide_post_title : set to ‘true’ to hide the post title, e.g. if you just want to show one post using post_id
Note: Each summary posts is contained in a div with class=”pfpItem”, so you can override styles by setting them in the WP stylesheet “styles.css”. E.g.

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